We’ve heard a lot lately about the end of the Alberta Advantage, the single greatest pillar of which is low taxes. Some lament its death; others say we should dig its grave and get to the “acceptance” stage. But in Rocky View County, the Alberta Advantage is alive and well. Its residential/farmland tax rate for 2015 is lower than all communities except Fort McMurray. And for the first time in its history, the County is gewnerating more revenue from business taxes than residential taxes. Large-scale developments continue to expand. Even in a downturn, it’s reducing its long-term debt. Mourning the Alberta Advantage? Look harder.

By the Numbers

Population: 38,055
Population growth rate (2011-2015): 9%
Residential tax rate (mills): 2.5
Non-residential tax rate (mills): 7.4
Median home price: $980,000