In contrast to the volatile political and economic scenes here in Alberta, Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party have come to symbolize a stable and enduring type of conservative governance to the Albertans who feel their province has passed them by. But in Lloydminster, which straddles the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, stability has come from Wild Rose Country, where almost two-thirds of the city’s population resides. To bypass the knotty administrative issues that come with being a border city, Lloydminster has a single business code. It’s symptomatic of a broader business-friendly philosophy, which has resulted in miniscule tax rates, bargain prices for industrial land and high household income. Don’t let the beaming orange border markers fool you – Lloydminster is an Albertan success.

By the Numbers

Population: 19,740
Population growth rate (2011-2015): 13%
Residential tax rate (mills): 4.9
Non-residential tax rate (mills): 7.8
Median home price: $399,900