When you hear that the County of Grande Prairie is dependent on natural resources, talk of the economy might cause one to grimace and ask, “How bad is it?” But, as easy as it is to forget, Alberta has more than one natural resource. That’s why the County of Grande Prairie thrives. It’s home to most of the province’s forestry industry and it has a vibrant agricultural community. But it’s also located near the Montney and Duvernay oil-and-gas plays. The County prides itself on being in “the middle of everywhere” and it serves a trading area of more than 260,000 people. “Middle of everywhere,” sure, but “middle of everything” too, perhaps.

By the Numbers

Population: 20,437
Population growth rate (2011-2015): 12%
Residential tax rate (mills): 3.8
Non-residential tax rate (mills): 12.2
Median home price: $292,750