Best Workplace For Volunteerism And Community Involvement PCL Construction Head office: Edmonton CEO: Paul Douglas Number of Alberta employees: 4,486 Job Openings: 100

Photograph Cooper & O’Hara

PCL Construction is surely one of Alberta’s best-known companies. Its signage adorns work sites from the humblest of commercial strip malls to the grandest of projects in the province (including Edmonton’s new arena and the runway expansion/tunnel at Calgary International Airport). The company’s employees take pride in those signs, says HR advisor Richelle Heck, but they take just as much – maybe more – in the company’s role in the community. “We refer to ourselves as our PCL family and this emphasizes that we really care not just about the people in the company,” Heck says, “but about the communities where we live.” That caring can be seen in the 70,000 food items gathered last year for Edmonton-area food banks. It can be seen in the company’s partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and the $600,000 committed to the Canadian and American Red Cross over the next three years and the time and resources committed to helping Calgary recover from the 2013 flood. But the most visible evidence of that caring is in PCL’s 46-year relationship with the United Way, begun by the company’s first president, Bob Stollery. “Our decentralized model means we’re present in many cities across Canada and the U.S., and now Australia,” Heck says. “The United Way is a series of independent organizations, so the money you donate to the United Way in Calgary stays in Calgary. In Toronto it stays in Toronto. So it’s a natural fit for us in terms of supporting the communities in which we live and work.” Between employees and the company, PCL raised $7.1 million for the United Way this year. And the generosity didn’t stop there. “Every year we do a donation challenge as part of our Edmonton-area campaign,” Heck says. “One year we donated winter jackets for Coats for Kids and we’ve done school supplies and many different things.” This year, PCL decided to target illiteracy. The company filled common areas with bookshelves and told PCLers to bring books from home. People could also buy new books through Scholastic. In the end, 10,000 books were gathered and delivered to two United Way member agencies. “We were blown away by the generosity of PCLers and by the number of books we were able to provide,” Heck says. But PCL didn’t just win Best Workplace for Volunteerism and Community Involvement. It also won Best Overall, More than 750 Employees. One big reason for that is the company’s commitment to ongoing training and learning for its staff. In fact, PCL has its very own College of Construction, with a full 25 people dedicated to designing and delivering courses. “There’s a full course list for every position,” says Heck. “It’s structured like a regular institution where you can take various levels of courses that are designed to help you in your current career as well as your future paths.”

Finalists, Best Overall, More than 750 Employees

004_abwp_AMA300Alberta Motor Association, Edmonton With an excellent set of programs for training and development, AMA also boasts a company-funded pension plan, flex credits to all full and part-time employees, length of service awards for long time employees, life insurance and assorted employee discounts. 004_abwp_Diversified300Diversified Transportation, Fort McMurray Diversified operates like a family, with a safety-oriented culture. The company has a collision rate of 0.51 reportable events per million kilometres, an exceptionally low rate. The company also values employee health with discounts on fitness facilities. 004_abwp_Enerflex300aEnerflex, Calgary Enerflex offers employees access to a multitude of wellness programming and resources, and develops talent among its staff with its Registered Apprenticeship Program, ensuring a strong succession of employees in the years to come. 004_abwp_ATB300aATB Financial, Edmonton ATB’s employees are offered “personal equity,” a term the company uses to describe a combination of financial, intellectual, experienced-based, and wellness-focused growth in its employees.

Finalists, Volunteerism and Community Involvement

004_abwp_DavisLLP300Davis LLP, Edmonton Staff with Davis LLP have strong connections with the communities in which they work. Organizations that the company is involved with include the Calgary Women’s Shelter, the Mustard Seed, the Soup Sisters, YMCA’s Mary Dover House, and United Way. 004_abwp_KPMG300KPMG Management Services, Calgary and Edmonton KPMG encourages its employees to become active in their community, by offering them time and financial support for volunteering. If an employee volunteers for at least 50 hours, the company will make a donation in their name. 004_abwp_rohit300Rohit Group, Edmonton Rohit’s employees raise funds for an assortment of charities in a yearly Christmas Charity Fund, and the company matches all year-end employee contributions. The company also donates to a wide assortment of local charities in the community throughout the year. 004_abwp_tetratech300Tetra Tech, Edmonton Employees choose the contributions and volunteer work they do, scheduling half-days of service to a particular cause. In 2013, the total of hours of volunteer work provided by the company’s employees amounted to an entire year.