Edmonton Regional Airport Authority Head office: Leduc CEO: Tom Ruth Number of Alberta employees: 254 Job Openings: 18

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ERAA has prioritized employee safety through a combination of incident prevention, the encouragement of healthy lifestyles and the development of new initiatives to make both a reality. This is done through an employee group ­dedicated to occupational health and safety (OHS). “Our ­employee group thinks up preventative measures to keep employees from getting injured. Public safety is part of that for them, so the group works to ensure the public is better off as a whole, as well,” says Jason Sangster, director of safety and security. “That ­includes passengers, tenants and guests at the facility.” ERAA’s commitment to safety is outlined in a policy statement taught to employees on all levels, with the employee group emphasizing the importance of reporting concerns. Management and staff keep their finger on the pulse, reporting incidents through a software system called Q-Pulse. Implemented last year, it’s a database of incidents, their causes and what is done in response. Incidents relating to workplace and public safety are assigned to an “owner” of each incident. “From there, the owner gets an email and has a certain amount of time to follow up,” says Sangster. “They’ll provide findings, what they did to mitigate it and what must be done to prevent it again.” ERAA has been gaining ground inside and outside the company. The provincial Partnerships in Injury Reduction program has recognized ERAA for its safety practices, and a whopping 82 per cent of its ­employees indicated in a 2014 survey that the ERAA prioritizes employee safety. ERAA boasts a wellness committee whose ­mandate is to improve employees’ health by encouraging healthier lifestyles. Sangster says the wellness ­program has led to an increase in employee engagement.


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