ATB Financial Head office: Edmonton CEO: Dave Mowat Number of Alberta employees: 5,300 Job Openings: 68

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With millennials making up a growing portion of the workforce, a company that learns to accommodate their needs has an advantage. ATB Financial has that advantage. It has taken into account what millennials need, and has refined how it works with those employees. This is evident in its summer work program, ATB 101. It provides progressive, hands-on job experience to build the skills of its employees through “experiential bursts” outside of their area of expertise. This allows employees – millennials in particular – to accrue a lot of experience quickly. “Experiential bursts include sitting in on, or presenting at, a board meeting. They are focused on development no matter how high up you already are,” says talent specialist Ami Price-Gagnon. “It helps people talk about doing things like speaking at a public event or attending leadership meetings.” ATB focuses on creating an atmosphere of growth through mentorship as well. This begins for employees in the MyStart onboarding program, in which new recruits learn about their personal equity options within the company and are familiarized with ATB’s culture. It is also present in mentorships through which employees can help others learn, or be taught new skills by other employees. The company’s human resources department ensures that the specific needs of millennials are taken into account, knowing that it must work with them to stay competitive in the future. ATB’s integration efforts for millennials are carried out by internally- and externally-focused groups, with the former taking care of millennial engagement and training, and the latter looking to create services that engage and interest millennials. The Masterful Leadership program is a triple-pronged approach to progressively building strong employees. Millennials, in particular, often focus on the first two: leading oneself and leading others. “It provides all the tools for the workplace such as difficult conversations and some of the touchier subjects that nobody talks about,” says Price-Gagnon. “Both are important to grow in, to be successful in the corporate world.”


004_abwp_Alberta-Blue-CrossAlberta Blue Cross, Edmonton Sensitive to the needs of millennials, the company provides career planning, educational support and opportunities, consistent feedback and community leadership opportunities. 004_abwp_KingstonRossPasnakKingston Ross Pasnak, Edmonton Over half of employees are millennials. In addition to social events, the company offers a mentorship program, allowing experienced staff to help newer employees. 004_abwp_RedBloomRedbloom Salon, Calgary RedBloom offers a Student Stylist program for new apprentices, bridging the gap between education and experience. RedBloom also helps with an optional four-day rotational schedule. 004_abwp_SpliceSplice Software, Calgary The winner of the Best Overall Under 100 Employees category, Splice offers guidance through peer reviews and opportunities for bonding through activities like rock climbing and white-water rafting.