Chris Potter
Age: 42
Hometown: Montreal
Influential because: His money talks

Peters & Co. is a legend in Calgary’s investment community – homegrown, nimble, audacious and successful. The company has filled an important financing niche for many of the province’s oil and gas companies, with current financings with Baytex Energy, Kelt Exploration and Storm Resources, among many others. Peters & Co. has survived and thrived through boom-and-bust cycles since its founding in 1971, and counts titans like Murray Edwards, George Gosbee and Charlie Locke among its alumni.

Since 2010, the company was led by the legendary Mike Tims as CEO (himself a 2013 Most Influential alumnus) and Chris Potter as president. But last December, Tims stepped down, giving Potter the additional set of reins as president and CEO. Potter, also a board member for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, has taken hold with zeal. And Peters, with a staff of 90, remains a crucial player in energy finance and enjoys the distinction of being one of the few remaining independents.