Winner: Delnor Construction

CEO: Glenn Cyrankiewicz
Head Office: Edmonton

In the current fast-paced, cutthroat economy, it’s not often that a company values long-term relationships with clients and employees above all else. But at Delnor Construction, the people that work with the company are family.

Glenn Cyrankiewicz, CEO of Delnor ­Construction, credits the success of the company to the excellent long-term relationships that have been built between Delnor and its clients. “We’ve had clients through the life of the company,” says Cyrankiewicz, referring to those that have stuck with Delnor since its inception 33 years ago. “We’re very much a ­relationship-oriented company.”

But it’s not just relationships between ­Delnor and clients that he’s referring to. There are also many employees who have stuck with the company for the long term. Cyrankiewicz explains that many Delnor employees are celebrating their 25- and 30-year anniversaries with the company. While some construction companies may be quick to hire the cheapest or youngest staff available, Cyrankiewicz believes in maintaining the expert staff he already has.

Over the years, many of ­Delnor’s projects have had a direct and positive impact on the lives of Albertans. With long-­standing clients like the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, Delnor’s work affects people every day. As ­Cyrankiewicz points out, “Everyone, at some point and time, needs health care. There isn’t a hospital, especially in northern Alberta, which we aren’t working on or have worked on.”

Currently, Delnor is completing significant renovations on the Misericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton and in the past the company built a new level of the Cross Cancer Institute underneath the existing building. This work requires incredible expertise, which Delnor is able to provide. In fact, Delnor’s health care projects are so broad that ­Cyrankiewicz recalls a time when a child of a Delnor employee in B.C. had to receive emergency care for a heart condition. The child ended up being cared for in a facility that Delnor had worked on. “It hit home for us,” Cyrankiewicz says.

Though Delnor is not the largest general ­contractor in Alberta, the company has had a massive influence on the province. “We’re positioned well to serve the projects we do and meet the needs of our clients,” says ­Cyrankiewicz. “We’re proud of what we’ve done.”


Pagnotta Industries
CEO: Alex Pagnotta, Edmonton

Since its inception in 1992, Pagnotta has had a significant impact on the skylines of many communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The company specializes in structural concrete formwork, tower crane services and multi-family residential construction. Some notable projects include the Pearl, a 36-storey condominium tower in Edmonton, and the same city’s Radisson Hotel and Convention Centre.

Fillmore Construction
CEO: Brent Fillmore, Edmonton

Fillmore has provided commercial, industrial and institutional construction services across Western Canada since 1991. Company president Brent Fillmore was the 2015 Construction Person of the Year. The company commits to building cost-efficient buildings in a reliable and professional manner and is a member of the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC), often completing LEED-certified projects.