Winner: Action Electrical

CEO: Don Bunting
Head Office: Edmonton

Don Bunting began working in the electrical trade in 1962. In 1973 he decided to strike out on his own and founded Action Electrical. At the time, Bunting and his wife were raising a young family and ran the business out of their home. Today, Bunting remains the CEO of the company, which has more than 70 full-time employees with annual revenue of $16 million.

“Our goal is to diversify to a point that we can serve various parts of the market, and at the same time give our staff a broader education.” – Don Bunting, CEO, Action Electrical

Action Electrical sets itself apart from other companies by maintaining the family values that it started out with. The company focuses on hiring from within and most employees working in management have stayed with the company for the long haul, despite the waxing and waning nature of the Alberta economy. “Our goal is to diversify to a point that we can serve various parts of the market, and at the same time give our staff a broader education,” says Bunting. So far, that goal has led to great success for the company and its employees. It’s important to Bunting to make sure his people always have work, and that means encouraging a culture of teaching, mentorship and learning.

Integrity is a major component of Action Electrical’s culture. “We hold a very high value on doing things ethically,” Bunting says. He admits that he’s probably lost business due to his commitment to honesty, when other companies have been willing to cut corners. But in the long term, he says, “It’s very important.” With decades of experience in the industry, Bunting has watched businesses with good reputations fall apart due to a few bad choices or actions. That’s why it’s important for him to maintain integrity at the company, and instil these values in his staff.

Action Electical remains a family business as Bunting continues to work with his son Blake, the general manager. Bunting is also in business with one of his other sons. For Bunting, working with his family is just part of his everyday life and he finds it deeply rewarding. “We enjoy working with each other,” he says.


Phase 1 of the Boyle Street Community Centre and Housing Centre (two phases) in Edmonton
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AltaPro Electric
CEO: Hubert DeBruin, Edmonton

AltaPro Electric was formed in 1987 and provides electrical installations for a range of projects including homes, offices and hotels. Today, the $18-million company is made up of 94 full-time employees who provide excellent workmanship in their industry. All employees at AltaPro are provided with ongoing training and mentorship. The company purposefully seeks out great employees, and commits to shaping, training and educating those employees over the long term. AltaPro credits its success, in part, to the company focus on innovation.

Concept Electric worked with Graham Construction to bring LED lighting to the St. Patrick's Bridge in Calgary.
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Concept Electric
CEO: Dave Kinley, Edmonton

Concept Electric is a $90-million company made up of 600 people across Alberta and Saskatchewan, which provides electrical construction innovations for instrumentation, data, controls, HVAC and plumbing. With offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Bonnyville, Fort McMurray and Saskatoon, the company is well-situated to serve communities in Western Canada. Concept is unique in its diversity – the company offers design-builds and construction management in a variety of fields and on projects ranging from theatres to hospitals to universities.