Daryl Katz, Age: 53
Hometown: Edmonton
Influential Because: He finally got his arena

By 2016, an 18,000-seat, spaceship-like structure will bookend the northern limits of Edmonton’s downtown. What it will be is up to interpretation – either a mecca for the city’s beloved NHL Oilers or a lightning rod for renewed urban development. But with the structure, Daryl Katz has used his considerable wealth and sway to push the city in a new direction. He’s become a catalyst for change, and that’s influence of the highest order. You can sense that Katz is also attempting to help himself here – either to build a legacy or just to rebuild a reputation, which sees many in Edmonton consider him aloof, indifferent or worse. Plunking down $100 million (of the $480-million price tag) for the arena might be the best PR he could buy.