Donna Kennedy-Glans, Age: 54
Hometown: Tillsonburg, Ontario
She was the straw that broke the premier’s back

Len Webber’s defection from the Alberta Progressive Conservative caucus was expected, even if the parting shots he launched at then-premier Alison Redford were not. But the resignation of Donna Kennedy-Glans, a junior cabinet minister that Redford herself recruited to the party in 2012, came as a shock. And, looking back, it was almost certainly the moment it became clear to Redford that she had to resign. But while Glans took a turn as the PC Party’s Brutus, the former associate minister for electricity and renewable energy didn’t completely diminish her standing within the party, and in the race to replace Redford, her name was tossed around frequently as a potential leadership candidate. Either way, it’s clear she has a future – somewhere – in Alberta’s political landscape.