If Gregg Saretsky isn’t careful, he’s going to ruin his company’s reputation – one that WestJet founder Clive Beddoe carefully cultivated – as a plucky underdog. After all, with every quarter it posts of record load factors, rising revenues and soaring profits, WestJet is quickly becoming Canada’s most successful airline. Saretsky, who became the company’s third CEO in 2010 and was tabbed as Alberta’s 2012 Business Person of the Year, has been essential to that transformation. He’s not exactly resting on his growing laurels, either. The company is launching WestJet Encore, a new short-haul airline that will serve smaller communities in Canada, this summer, while international wide-body jet service – something that would truly put it in Air Canada’s league – is “on the drawing board.” But perhaps the most impressive thing of all is the fact that Saretsky has managed to turn an airline company’s stock into a blue-chip investment. Beat that, Air Canada.