Jack Mintz is a voice of reason in many of the most heated debates Albertans get into: sales and carbon taxes; the provincial government’s economic policies; the treatment of business interests. Whatever the topic, the University of Calgary’s Palmer Chair in Public Policy is sure to deliver a calm, collected and well-informed opinion. At the same time, what makes Mintz so convincing is that for him, there are no sacred cows. No idea is perfect and therefore untouchable. He never backs down from a debate, nor does he bellow. He just applies reason to the best available facts. This had made him much in demand from policy makers and journalists across the province. And his influence spreads well beyond Alberta. With a regular column in the National Post, as a go-to source for media outlets across the country, and as a consultant to organizations such as the IMF and the World Bank, Mintz has taken his message to the world.