Jeremy Sturgess, Age: 64
Hometown: Montreal
Influential because: He’s refining public spaces in Alberta

If Alberta has an architectural style, you can partly thank Jeremy Sturgess. The architect, who once told Western Living that he sees a “Kodachrome” quality to light in Alberta, has applied his whimsy to public forms of late. His Alberta pavilion, during Expo ’86, announced him as an Albertan talent, but his latest public works announce his intention to reshape his region. The recently opened Glacier Discovery Walk, in Jasper National Park, is as much art balanced with nature as it is a structure that offers chilling views. Sturgess also lends his influence to the fight for architectural beauty, including writing an op-ed in the Calgary Herald in support of the city’s Peace Bridge. That’s perhaps unsurprising for a man who, 35 years ago, helped found the Calgary Architecture and Urban Studies Alliance. What most underlines his influence, however, is the pride locals take in buildings they may not recognize as his, from the Calgary Water Centre to the Banff Town Hall. Some of Calgary’s future LRT stations will come from Sturgess’s creative mind as well.