Jim McCormick
Hometown: Calgary
Influential because: He helped push Redford out, and now has to clean up the mess

In the Shakespearean fall of former Premier Alison Redford this spring, Jim McCormick was not Brutus. He was, however, most certainly a player on the stage. But now, with Redford gone, the party is shaken and its stranglehold on power less than guaranteed. It’s now people like McCormick, who in 2012 became president of the PC Association of Alberta, who will be decisive in whether Redford’s departure will precede a PC downfall.

McCormick, for one, will be a voice for the grassroots. He’s worked for the party since 1989, when he started as a volunteer, and he means it without irony that he’s part of those roots. He’s worked in and started oil and gas companies since graduating from university in 1975. With interim premier Dave Hancock conceding in April that the PC Party has lost touch with those grassroots, you get the sense McCormick will have a large say in how to rebuild trust in his party.