Win-win deals don’t come around very often in politics, but Alberta Medical Association President Dr. Michael Giuffre played a key role in crafting one this past April. The deal, which emerged after months of rancorous and often public negotiation between the AMA and the Redford government, includes a three-year pay freeze for Alberta’s doctors. But it didn’t have the provision that would have required the province’s doctors to find $275 million in savings from cuts to their fees, one of the government’s key demands. More importantly, it formally recognizes the AMA as the sole bargaining agent in any future negotiations and acknowledges that doctors should be “full participants” in key health-care decisions. Giuffre, who practices at the Providence Pediatric Clinic in Calgary, and is a clinical professor of cardiac sciences and pediatrics, is also a well-loved and widely respected physician. But it’s his role in crafting this deal and the impact it could have on the quality of healthcare patients receive in Alberta that may prove to be his most lasting legacy.