Myrna Dubé, Age: 71
Hometown: Montreal
Influential Because: She’s preserving green space

Calgary is a beautiful city, endowed with rivers, creeks and green spaces. But it’s also growing quickly. The pressure for development – for new roads and houses, commercial developments and more – is ever present. And so Parks Foundation Calgary and its CEO, Myrna Dubé, are bringing together the city, its citizens, non-profits and the business community to protect Calgary’s natural birthright.

The foundation is in the midst of its most ambitious project yet, the $65-million Rotary/Mattamy Greenway belt, which, when complete in 2016, will encircle the city. The 138 kilometres of pathways will connect to wetlands, playgrounds, off-leash dog parks, running tracks and fitness areas. And the beauty is that much of the project will be paid for by the developers of Calgary’s newest communities, who see the benefit themselves – both in bottom line and in quality of life – of keeping Calgarians connected to their natural spaces.