Kent Foster was born and raised in Calgary and has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Calgary. He first went to work for Shell Canada but, after five years, veered into finance (via an MBA). During his business studies, he interned at one of Calgary’s great private-equity firms, ARC Financial, and has since been promoted to vice-president. Along the way, he’s been able to learn from some of the best, including ARC Financial co-founder Mac Van Wielingen. “He’s built two long-lasting organizations, ARC Financial and ARC Resources,” Foster says, “but what I really admire about him is that he’s now in the process of handing down his leadership knowledge.”

Van Wielingen has organized a series of quarterly strategy sessions with ARC partners, and he picks a junior partner – in one case, Foster – to run them with him. “He’s passing down his thoughts on leadership, making high-quality decisions and building culture,” Foster says. “Leadership is complex and Mac recognizes that and tries to help everyone penetrate that complexity.”

A leader I admire General George S. Patton. “I read his autobiography about five times. The sign of a good leader is creating good leaders within your teams, and I think Patton did that.”