Scott Clements, Age: 73
Hometown: Ottawa
He’s helping people in Fort McMurray get where they want to go

Life just got a whole lot easier for people who live in Fort McMurray, and for those who commute from other parts of the country, because the region’s new $258-million airport terminal, and all the additional traffic that it can handle, opened in June. And for those who enjoy spending their weekends or off-hours in places like Kelowna, Vancouver and Las Vegas, it got easier, too, because WestJet began offering direct flights to those destinations. At the heart of all of this is Scott Clements, a retired Canadian air force general and former president and CEO of the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority. Clements took over the same job at YMM in 2009. With five times the capacity of the previous airport terminal, the new building is able to handle an estimated 1.5 million passengers – a good thing, given that nearly 1.2 million people came through Canada’s fastest-growing airport in 2013. It’s a credit to Clements’ leadership that it got built on time and on budget in a town where that almost never happens.