Welcome to the new Alberta Venture.

Alberta Venture has been a staple in the local business community since it was founded by Ruth Kelly in 1997. But, just like Alberta's economy, the story of Alberta Venture has an arc, one that included soaring highs and, more recently, devastating lows. When Ruth Kelly passed away suddenly in 2017, many people assumed that story was over.

But while there are certainly some dark passages in Alberta Venture's story, we believe there's more good here than bad, and that Alberta Venture serves an important role for Alberta business and the people behind them. So, late last year, Janalta Interactive purchased the rights to the brand, with the aim to keep some of the best things about it going.

What's changed? Unlike the old Alberta Venture, we'll no longer be reporting business news; instead, we'll take a deeper dive into the topics that matter to Alberta business. You'll still find the business stories, profiles and expert business insights of the old Venture, but with a focus on telling the bigger stories behind them. This means more in-depth coverage of leaders, Alberta industries and other topics that will inform and inspire Alberta's business community. Also here to stay: Alberta Venture's longest-running lists, including the Fast Growth 50 and the Venture 250.

Finally, Alberta Venture's print publication is no more. In an effort to move Alberta Venture into a new, more sustainable model, we've moved everything online. We aim to use the best online technology and distribution methods to create and share content that resonates with business in Alberta.

We feel there's a lot to celebrate about the new Alberta Venture, and we recognize and deeply respect all the work past employees and contributors have poured into this publication over the years. We also recognize that not everyone will celebrate Alberta Venture's return, so this relaunch also marks a desire to break from its past; it inspired many people, but also revealed some powerful lessons. We aim to embrace both and use them to create something brand new.

We hope that, over time, can earn your trust.

Over the coming months, you'll see more new (and old) content added back to the site, along with new features and content types. We hope you'll follow along, share and send us your feedback.

Finally, it is our goal that this new version of Alberta Venture will honor its founder, Ruth Kelly, for the contributions she made to this publication and to the business community at large in our great province. She once encouraged entrepreneurs to find a bold and brave vision for their future. Here's ours.