He’s been involved in multi-billion dollar private equity deals and climbed Mount Everest, but Todd Millar is best known for using the word ‘moron’ – 14 times in one blog post – to describe the people who opposed a proposed ban on body-checking at the peewee level. When the blog post he wrote on the subject, which became known as the “Moron Memo,” was leaked to the press, Millar stepped down as the volunteer president of Hockey Calgary. But he didn’t stop saying it, and he didn’t stop believing in the merits of removing body-checking from peewee hockey. His experience soon encouraged him to write a book about the darker side of minor hockey and the often ugly role parents and coaches can play in it. Moron: the Behind the Scenes Story of Minor Hockey was released as an e-Book on Amazon in April and is available in paperback at Chapters. More importantly, perhaps, Hockey Alberta announced in early May that it had decided to ban body-checking at the peewee level for the upcoming 2013-’14 season. Hockey Nova Scotia followed suit with a similar decision days later, and Hockey Canada did the same in May.